This site was built using Squarespace, Ecwid, Stripe and some custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery . Squarespace with a heavy design focus and ease of use was a perfect fit for a fashion site. However, Squarespace doesn’t support Japanese yen with their ecommerce functionality.

Ecwid is an ecommerce platform that can be added to any site and it supports Japanese yen and Japanese language checkout. Ecwid works with Stripe to process payments. Ecwid doesn’t have a lot of styling options built in and their default product pages and listing pages contrasted greatly with the style the owners of the site were looking for. A lot of custom CSS styling and JavaScript was necessary to get the right look and functionality.

Lastly, a custom language switch was coded to switch between English and Japanese. It is possible to detect the browser language and set the language automatically but the site owner preferred to default to English and have the option to switch to Japanese. A cookie will save the Japanese language preference so it doesn’t need to be selected every time.